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Follow these tips to care for your new products.

Mug Care - Minimize the amount of times mugs are washed in dishwashers. This process will, after weekly washings, fade the image. It is OK to occasionally wash them in the dishwasher, but hand washing will help them to keep brighter colors. Our sublimation process on our mugs allow minimal fading over a long period of time and our manufacturers don’t use this instruction but we always recommend extra care to help maintain the longevity of your items.

T-Shirt Care - To maintain the Quality of the photo on your shirt you should follow these simple laundering instructions. Never use liquid bleach. Wash inside out. Minimize the amount times the shirt gets dried in a dryer and when you do use the dryer, ensure shirt is inside out. If you iron the shirt always iron inside out so not to apply direct heat to the design. These instructions should be followed for any type of printed shirt. Although washing and drying garments are not the main reason a design fades minimizing the amount of soap dried into a garment will help keep it’s vibrant colors.

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